Hosting Application


Application Details

The hosting application has two parts: the host family application (an on-line form) and the signature page which will be e-mailed to you upon completion of the Host Family form. The signature page needs to be printed out, signed, scanned and returned to the VP of the Santa Clara Sister City you are visiting:

The information requested is required of all Applicant families and is used to assist in the selection of host families. Only one application per family or household is needed.  

If you are interested in hosting an exchange student, please choose which hosting event you want to volunteer for by completing the online application by clicking the button at the bottom of this form.

Host Family Checklist

  • The family needs to have an interest in spending time on the weekend with the exchange student and willing to take them to local places and shopping

  • The home should have wi-fi available for our guests

  • A bedroom needs to be available with a bed for the exchange student (temporary bed in living room/family room is not acceptable). Shared room is okay as long as same gender, age and each person has a bed.  A temporary bed in a shared room is acceptable.

  • Bathroom can be a shared one

  • Family has conveyance to drop off and pickup the exchange student.

  • Some meals need to be provided by the family. These will be called out in final itinerary.

  • Pets must be friendly in nature

  • A home visit of approximately 30 minutes will be scheduled upon the submission of the hosting form and signature page.  The home visit is an orientation meeting for new hosting families to go over questions, procedures and help set expectations.

  • Authorization of background check (signature page of hosting application)

  • On-line application for Hosting

Upcoming Hosting

Limerick, Ireland. October 2019

Coimbra, Portugal. April 2020