what we’re about…

Santa Clara Cities Association or SCSCA for short is an organization that bring different cultures through relationship from people to people. The goals of this organization to enrich the students that live through cultural exchange. It is can help enhance goodwill and global understanding and also to build leadership skills.

Santa Clara has three Sister Cities that is Coimbra, Portugal which established August 4, 1972, In October 11, 1986 in Izumo, Japan, Limerick, Ireland on August 1, 2014. If you interested to know more about the local government site of Santa Clara, California, USA, here’s some information SCSCA.

The mission of Santa Clara Sister Cities Association is to bring different cultures that work together with people to people relationship. The objectives are to improve the students lives through cultural exchanges, to build global understanding and strong leadership skills. They have some student exchange programs for junior high and high school, for art and music exchange programs with Izumo, Japan. There is also Youth Commission that involve every student leaders, this programs works under the SCA Bord of Directors.

Why you should get involved in this organizations? The power of the human mind is unsurpassable when a community bond together. Acceptance of the difference cultures around the world and a defiency in the deep understanding that makes us suffer the consequences of terrorism, war and hate. Santa Clara Sister Cities Association bring the world advance to make it one relationship and peace at a time through the support from City Hall, Board of Directors and the Cultural Commission.

The local government site of Santa Clara, California, USA for Santa Clara Sister Cities Association is fundraising all year long. The objectives is to finance the exchange program and culturally and educational events that offered to High School students. Events that they held such as A&W Festival, Tea Party, Street Dance and Annual Chicken BBQ, it is not only for students but also the whole community can join this events.

Santa Clara Sister Cities Association also welcomes both newcomers or long time supporters. If you are interested to working and meeting people, this community is a good choice. For more information, you can visit the local government site of the City of Santa Clara, and/or visit us at our website at www.scsistercities.org.