Youth Commission – Make New Friends

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The SCSCA Youth Commission is open to all high school students living in or going to a school in Santa Clara. Currently there are SCA student clubs at Wilcox High School and Santa Clara High School. High school students participate in cultural-exchange and fund-raising events through SCSCA, meet other students and members of the community interested in new cultures, get involved in community service, and gain opportunity for internships!  Youth Commissioners facilitate planning and hosting of our guests from our sister cities – Izumo (Japan) and Coimbra (Portugal).The SCSCA Youth Commission meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM at the Headen-Inman House, these meetings give opportunity to the youth to develop thRaj iPhone 041615 850eir leadership skills.

Please click the following link to be member of Youth Commission:

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