Izumo – Lifelong Relationships With People and Places

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Izumo is a city located in Shimane prefecture, Japan. Izumo is known for Izumo soba noodles and the Izumo Taisha Shinto shrine, the oldest shinto shrine in Japan. Izumo Dome is a venue located just north of the city proper. It has the distinction of being Japan’s largest wooden building, at 49 metres high and 143 metres in diameter. It is used for sports and events such as baseball games and soccer matches, as well as for other events including sumo. It is a prominent symbol of Izumo, and can be seen from a distance from the train passing towards Hamada.

Izumo offers some of the most soothing sceneries of nature, with an incredible culture to share with anyone interested. From the sight-seeing, the food, and especially the people you meet, it’s a Sister City that never fails to charm.


Each year, two students from Santa Clara are chosen as international ambassadors to represent the city of Santa Clara. When participating in this direct 1-to-1 exchange, the student volunteers to host a high school exchange student from Izumo for 10 days in March. The following July, our students travel to Japan to stay with the same exchange student. What results from these cultural exchanges is that our students learn to travel internationally on their own, and learn to communicate, understand, and trust a new friends in a foreign country that take them in as family. Beautiful bonds bloom from these once in a life time experiences.


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