Coimbra – Discover a new Self through Old World Europe

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Coimbra is a city in Portugal, former capital of the country during the first dynasty period and home to the University of Coimbra, the oldest academic institution in the Portuguese-speaking world and one of the oldest in Europe.

The city contains important archeological remains of structures dating from the time when it was the Roman town of Aeminium. This remarkable European destination is ideal for anyone that wants to make their dreams of making history a reality of the present.

Coimbra was Santa Clara’s first Sister City beginning in 1972.

Students participate in exchanges that occur alternately. One year, a group of students are selected to travel to Coimbra to stay with a Portuguese student in their home. The following year, an equivalent group of Portuguese students will arrive in Santa Clara to participate in the same cultural exchange with our students.

“Coimbra is the kind of place that stays with you forever – the quaint cafes, the cobblestone streets, the smell of the city just after it rains… Whenever I see a picture of Coimbra it all comes back to me. But more than anything, I will never the people, who took me in with open arms, and showed me a kind of hospitality I never knew existed in the human race.” – Cyrus S. Coimbra Exchange class of 2008″

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